We have a methodology that we have termed “the QIAS Approach”. This methodology can generally be applied to most situations requiring either performance to be improved, management systems to be developed or a risk management exercise to be undertaken.

Simplistically the QIAS approach requires 7 steps to be applied to the situation at hand as follows:-

  1. Identify the critical and important activities/tasks/processes/systems within the organisation.
  2. Review how they are currently being done.
  3. Determine the best way that they should be done.
  4. Document how they should be done.
  5. Implement the documentation. (This may require training and/or coaching).
  6. Verify the level of implementation of management systems.
  7. Address any discrepancies and/or improvement opportunities identified during the verification step.

When this methodology is applied with a focus on achieving real improvements, facilitated by people with appropriate expertise and experience, real improvements will be achieved.

A “by-product” of this approach is that the majority of the requirements for achieving certification to the relevant management system standards will also be addressed. Hence, the process of achieving management system certification becomes a process of driving real improvements throughout an organisation.

All too often when quality assurance management systems are being developed the focus is solely to achieve certification with little regard on achieving improvements. When this is the situation certification will invariably be achieved but without the benefits of improvements being gained. The end result being a system that becomes a burden to maintain.

It is your investment and your benefit to gain!

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